Cities near Anchorage

127 miles:Seward
38 miles:Girdwood
114 miles:Talkeetna
102 miles:Cooper Landing
60 miles:Whittier
158 miles:Kenai
43 miles:Palmer
44 miles:Wasilla
44 miles:Kenai Peninsula
89 miles:Hope
147 miles:Soldotna (Alaska)
15 miles:Eagle River (Alaska)
15 miles:Alyeska
186 miles:Ninilchik
98 miles:Moose Pass

These are straight line distances in a radius around Anchorage, suitable for a day trip or a short weekend trip within roughly 190 miles. You can also explore cities near Seward or cities near Girdwood. There are many towns within the total area, so if you're looking for closer places, try a smaller radius like 50 miles. If you're okay driving a greater distance, try 150 miles.

Things to do near Anchorage

1 mile:Anchorage Museum
72 miles:Exit Glacier
79 miles:Alaska Sea Life Center
32 miles:Alyeska Resort
7 miles:Kincaid Park
52 miles:Spencer Glacier
12 miles:Chugach State Park
6 miles:Alaska Native Heritage Center
3 miles:Earthquake Park
7 miles:Kenai Fjord National Park
18 miles:Turnagain Arm
11 miles:Flattop Park Trail
31 miles:Glacier City Snowmobiling Tours
44 miles:Hatcher Pass
37 miles:Alaska Skydive Center

Places to eat near Anchorage

2 miles:Moose's Tooth Pub & Pizzeria
32 miles:Seven Glaciers Restaurant
75 miles:Seward Salmon Bake
4 miles:Kincaid Grill
6 miles:Samurai Sushi
38 miles:Pioneer Lodge & Campground
nearby:Glacier Brewhouse
nearby:Simon & Seafort's
2 miles:Spenard Roadhouse
nearby:Snow City Cafe
2 miles:Tommy's Burger Stop
nearby:Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse
1 mile:Lucky Wishbone
77 miles:Smoke Shack

Places to stay near Anchorage

31 miles:Alyeska Ski Resort
75 miles:Seward Windsong Lodge
93 miles:Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge
nearby:Hotel Captain Cook
50 miles:Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge
14 miles:Microtel Inn & Suites Anchorage Area (Eagle River)
30 miles:Grand View Inn and Suites
63 miles:Kenai Airport Hotel
60 miles:Blonde Bear Bed and Breakfast
4 miles:The Hotel Alyeska
93 miles:Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge
77 miles:Talkeetna Cabins
20 miles:Bobby's RV Park
77 miles:Crooked Creek RV Park
61 miles:Montana Creek State Recreation Site

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Planning a short road trip to a new destination that's within driving distance for the weekend? Try adjusting the number of miles, results will vary depending on the distance or time.


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