Cities near College Place (Washington)

3 miles:Walla Walla
125 miles:Baker City (Oregon)
117 miles:Pullman
127 miles:Moscow (Idaho)
73 miles:Joseph
55 miles:Richland (Washington)
53 miles:Umatilla
102 miles:Lewiston
55 miles:Hermiston
81 miles:La Grande
37 miles:Pendleton
100 miles:Clarkston
51 miles:Kennewick (Washington)
86 miles:Moses Lake
91 miles:Othello

These are straight line distances in a radius around College Place (Washington), suitable for a day trip or a short weekend trip within roughly 130 miles. You can also explore cities near Walla Walla or cities near Baker City (Oregon). There are many towns within the total area, so if you're looking for closer places, try a smaller radius like 50 miles. If you're okay driving a greater distance, try 150 miles.

Things to do near College Place (Washington)

76 miles:Washington State University
32 miles:Pendleton Woolen Mills
47 miles:wallowa whitman national forest
3 miles:Mill Creek Brewpub & Restaurant
68 miles:Prosser Airport (S40)
83 miles:Crown Point
47 miles:Vintner Square
38 miles:Tri-Cities Airport
70 miles:Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport
44 miles:Hermiston Municipal Airport
56 miles:La Grande Airport-Lgd
88 miles:Baker City Municipal Airport
91 miles:Grant County International Airport-MWH
41 miles:Vista Field
61 miles:Othello Municipal Airport

Places to eat near College Place (Washington)

2 miles:Amavi Cellars
27 miles:Weinhard Cafe
46 miles:Tagaris Winery
32 miles:Hamley Steakhouse & Saloon
3 miles:Graze 'a Place To Eat'
46 miles:Bookwalter Winery
46 miles:Taverna Tagaris

Places to stay near College Place (Washington)

94 miles:Comfort Inn Zillah
75 miles:Quality Inn Paradise Creek
3 miles:Travelodge Walla Walla
42 miles:Comfort Inn Kennewick
38 miles:Red Lion Hotel Pasco
45 miles:Red Lion Richland Hanford House
33 miles:Red Lion Hotel Pendleton
83 miles:Shilo Inn Suites - Moses Lake
79 miles:Super 8 Lewiston Id
92 miles:Super 8 Baker City Or
53 miles:Travelodge La Grande
74 miles:Cedars Inn & Suites Ritzville
71 miles:Inn America - Lewiston
81 miles:Super 8 Motel Moscow
76 miles:Best Western Wheatland Inn


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