Cities near Fairbanks

77 miles:Healy
13 miles:North Pole
95 miles:Delta Junction
156 miles:Manley Hot Springs (Alaska)
78 miles:Livengood (Alaska)
77 miles:Eureka (Alaska)

These are straight line distances in a radius around Fairbanks, suitable for a day trip or a short weekend trip within roughly 160 miles. You can also explore cities near Healy or cities near North Pole. There are many towns within the total area, so if you're looking for closer places, try a smaller radius like 50 miles. If you're okay driving a greater distance, try 150 miles.

Things to do near Fairbanks

5 miles:Aurora Ice Museum
9 miles:Skinny Dicks Halfway Inn
84 miles:Denali Visitor Center
2 miles:Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum
44 miles:Alaska Railroad Corporation
76 miles:Stampede
85 miles:Yanert Glacier
91 miles:Savage River
4 miles:Fairbanks International Airport
90 miles:Stevens Village Airport
87 miles:Manley Hot Springs Airport
53 miles:Minto Al Wright Airport
85 miles:Rampart Airport-RMP
77 miles:Healy River Airport-HRR
83 miles:Allen Army Airfield

Places to eat near Fairbanks

77 miles:49th State Brewing Company
83 miles:Alpenglow Restaurant
1 mile:C & J Drive In $$
nearby:Gambardella's Pasta Bella
2 miles:Alaska Feed Co

Places to stay near Fairbanks

51 miles:Chena Hot Springs Resort
77 miles:Denali Dome Home Bed and Breakfast
83 miles:Denali Bluffs Hotel
nearby:Westmark Fairbanks, a Holland America Line Company
4 miles:7 Gables Inn and Suites
12 miles:Hotel North Pole
80 miles:Delta State Recreation Site
88 miles:Denali Grizzly Bear Resort
45 miles:Nenana RV Park & Campground
55 miles:Anderson City Camp Ground
49 miles:Mt.Prindle Campgrounds/Dept. of Inter.
41 miles:Ophir Creek Campground
97 miles:Donnelly Creek Rec Site and Campground
93 miles:Sanctuary River Campground
90 miles:Savage River Campground


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Planning a short road trip to a new destination that's within driving distance for the weekend? Try adjusting the number of miles, results will vary depending on the distance or time.


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