Cities near Havre

103 miles:Shelby (Montana)
75 miles:Fort Benton
47 miles:Coal Banks Landing
89 miles:Malta (Montana)
134 miles:Belt (Montana)
21 miles:Chinook (Montana)
127 miles:Box Elder (Montana)
61 miles:Chester (Montana)
82 miles:Hays (Montana)
43 miles:Harlem (Montana)
35 miles:Big Sandy (Montana)
2 miles:West Havre (Montana)
94 miles:Highwood (Montana)
94 miles:Maple Creek

These are straight line distances in a radius around Havre, suitable for a day trip or a short weekend trip within roughly 130 miles. You can also explore cities near Shelby (Montana) or cities near Fort Benton. There are many towns within the total area, so if you're looking for closer places, try a smaller radius like 50 miles. If you're okay driving a greater distance, try 150 miles.

Things to do near Havre

86 miles:The Badlands
3 miles:Havre City County Airport-HVR
82 miles:Malta Airport

Places to stay near Havre

1 mile:Best Western Great Northern Inn
84 miles:Sliema Hotel, Sliema, Malta
56 miles:Judith Landing Campground
68 miles:Island Area Campground
43 miles:Discover Fort Belknap RV Park
6 miles:Evergreen Campground
13 miles:Fresno Beach Campground
76 miles:South Bootlegger Campground
71 miles:Willow Creek Campground
69 miles:Camp Creek Campground
99 miles:Nelson Reservoir Campground
99 miles:Lake Sheloole Campground And Rv Park
85 miles:Thain Creek Campground
78 miles:James Kipp Campground
99 miles:Eagle Valley Park Campground


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Planning a short road trip to a new destination that's within driving distance for the weekend? Try adjusting the number of miles, results will vary depending on the distance or time.


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