Cities near Kunming

43 km:Yuxi
111 km:Qujing

These are straight line distances in a radius around Kunming, suitable for a day trip or a short weekend trip within roughly 110 km. You can also explore cities near Yuxi or cities near Qujing. There are many towns within the total area, so if you're looking for closer places, try a smaller radius.

Things to do near Kunming

16 km:Kunming airport
6 km:Kunming Eastern Bus Station
13 km:Yunnan
106 km:Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas
11 km:Masjid Baituzzain
53 km:Stone Forest
146 km:Hutiao Gorge
37 km:Chengjiang Fossil Site - China
24 km:Kingdom of the Little People
53 km:Stone Forest 石林
16 km:Baima Temple 220

Places to stay near Kunming

11 km:Kunming Jin Jiang Hotel
14 km:Grand Park Kunming
13 km:Dianchi Garden Resort Hotel
13 km:Yijing Garden Hotel
13 km:Hna
32 km:Huayun Gloria Grand Hotel Haikou
32 km:Hainan Huatian Hotel

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Planning a short road trip to a new destination that's within driving distance for the weekend? Try adjusting the distance in kilometers, results will vary depending on the distance or time.


Radius from Kunming

50 km from Kunming
100 km from Kunming
200 km from Kunming
300 km from Kunming
400 km from Kunming
500 km from Kunming
600 km from Kunming
700 km from Kunming
1 hour from Kunming
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